Python Bindings to OpenPBS C API Library

Table of Contents
Using the PyPBS Package
Copying, License, and Legal Issues


The PyPBS package provides a Python [BIB.PYTHON-HOME-PAGE] module to access the routines that are part of the OpenPBS Batch Interface Library as described in [BIB.OPENPBS-ERS]. PyPBS provides access to all functions, structures, and variables listed in the file pbs_ifl.h (part of the OpenPBS installation) from Python as long as they are compiled into the OpenPBS library (libpbs.a). The Python bindings are generated using the SWIG package [BIB.SWIG-HOME-PAGE] by scanning the declarations in pbs_ifl.h. In addition, if the file rm.h is available under your OpenPBS installation, the functions listed in this file will also be available through the Python module[1].



Note that this file is not installed during the default OpenPBS installation. However, you can copy the file rm.h from the src/include directory of the OpenPBS source code into the include directory of your OpenPBS installation if you want to access the functions listed in this file from Python.